Tamanna Dress Change video is OUT

Sunday, June 21, 2009 |

Tamannah’ the milky white beauty of Kollywood and tollywood is said to be a hot chick without clothes. Yes, this has been revealed by all those youngsters who have seen her dress change video.

Recently, one of the international famed websites has introduced a scandal videos segment in its video section. Out of all the videos which also involve Indian videos of celebrities, a girl’s dress change video is available. It has been tagged with the name as “Indian Tamannah’s dress change”.

The video clipping shows a young girl dressing up and she resembles the features of actress Tamannah. The girl is seen removing her jeans and a top and is seen tying her hair. Then she is in a lingerie and is seen trying out some costumes. After a brief flow of the video, the young girl is seen changing her inner wear and only her top assets are visible clearly as her panty is still on.

After she wears a green colored mini skirt, she turns towards the camera and is seen picking up her ‘bindi from the mirror.

The youngsters who have seen this video are sure that the girl is Tamannah and the video might be captured from a dress changing closet.

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